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Go2Karate™ Around The World

Go2Karate™ is a martial arts listing site that helps connect community members with martial art schools around the world. Go2Karate™ is a one-stop resource that will help you tremendously to learn more about different martial arts styles and contact information about schools near you. It was developed by professional martial arts instructors and practitioners with a mission to assist families around the word in uniting with a martial arts school that fits their specific needs. With over 30 years of experience in martial arts they saw the profound changes martial arts made in not only their lives, but also in the lives of their students and within the community. Taking the guesswork out of choosing the right martial arts style and school is where Go2Karate™ can serve the community.   


Go2Karate™ Mission

Uniting People With Martial Art Schools Around The World

Go2Karate™ Karate Kids
Teaching children to make a difference in the world

Go2Karate™ Martial Arts for Men
Strengthening oneself mentally and physically

Go2Karate™ Martial Arts for Women
Empowering oneself to change their world

Go2Karate™ Mixed Martial Arts
A variety of martial arts that will define an individual

Go2Karate™ Districts

Go2Karate™ Districts are broken down into seven geographical areas throughout the United States comprised of martial art school listings for community members throughout the country.


The Go2Karate™ Upper Atlantic District

Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine


The Go2Karate™ Central Atlantic

Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York


The Go2Karate™ Lower Atlantic District

Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia


The Go2Karate™ Gulf Coast District

New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama


The Go2Karate™ West Coast District

Hawaii, Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Alaska


The Go2Karate™ Rocky Mountain District

Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana


The Go2Karate™ Midwest District

Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois,

Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee


Go2Karate™ For Martial Arts School Owners

Go2Karate™ is a martial arts listing site that is utilized by martial art schools around the world in manner to provide community members with a reliable means and resource of information pertaining to them as a community business and what they have to offer to the public. Go2Karate™ is a one-stop resource that permits the school owner to register and claim their online listing while utilizing the unique marketing tools such as,

  1. 1.     G2K Register & Claim: From a free listing to a G2K Platinum level Go2Karate is ready to serve school owners
  2. Digital Coupons: Digital coupon services for claimed listing schools White Belt and above on Go2Karate.com.  Here a school can participate in solo, local, group, district or national marketing campaigns on Groupon and many other coupon services.
  3. On Site Marketing: that includes search engine marketing, paid per click, social marketing, news & events, blogs, postings, surveys, forums, and much more. Become “King of Content” in your community and get found faster.
  4. ouR-Box4U™: an easy to use system that is an extremely user friendly that is accessible anywhere via the internet. ouR-Box4U™ offers marketing material, business management systems, and day to day operational systems. ouR-Box4U™ offers a wide variety of business solutions and management tools. (Coming Soon- Anticipated launch date is April 2014)
  5. G2KTools™: is a Tool Box for martial art school owners that is solution based for schools need assistance. (Coming Soon- Anticipated launch date is February-March 2014)
  6. G2K Cage™: is a secure login area for school owners to login and manage all of their needs to include the G2KTools™, ouR-Box™, FAQ’s, school owner forums and much more.


Go2Karate.com is helping school owners across the world elevate their communities awareness with a G2K marketing site and the proper tools needed to enhance the connection and bond between school owner and student. Go2Karate.com is Uniting People With Martial Art Schools Around The World and we invite you to join us with a common goal, to change the world for the better through a quality martial arts experience.


Best Wishes on your Go2Karate™ experience,


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